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The Intuition Tour

Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Things!

April 17, 2012
by Barbara Bemus

Westward Bound! 7 charging dogs + a dog fight!

I send you this post preparing to head west! Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are the destinations that are calling. The day to day intuitive directions not clear but the date of my departure,  like foot high white letters … Continue reading

April 10, 2012
by Barbara Bemus
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A Kindred Soul!

The last post left off apologizing for not being more frequent with my posts and assuring you there was great stuff going on. The great stuff continues and so does my newfound skill of not focusing on the past. So … Continue reading

March 8, 2012
by Barbara Bemus

LA, connections lost and made!

LA is not Los Angeles, it is Lower Alabama, and if you told me that I would not only enjoy it but feel a kinship to it I would have laughed a big belly laugh. The last post left off … Continue reading

October 16, 2011
by Barbara Bemus

Ridiculous Beginning!

The first, ridiculous video documenting the journey of creating The Intuition Tour. The Intuition Tour Interviews and compiles video recordings of people who are living authentic, joyful lives. Living authentically leads to transformational change the world needs today and always. … Continue reading