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The Intuition Tour

Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Things!

How Can You Help?

This is a tour for all of us. A nationwide focus that will gradually transform into a world wide endeavor. It is currently privately funded solely by the author. It will emerge into a national then world wide presence.

Moral Support:It’s so uplifting to know that we are making a difference in peoples lives. Leaving us a comment on web page or facebook or emailing us ramps up the energy for us and you.  Thanks for being generous with your support and constructive comments.

Donations: This is not an inexpensive undertaking. Any help is appreciated.

Cash: We graciously accept donations of cash via paypal or mail.

Accommodations: Do you have room for me to park a 24 foot RV’s? Campsites are expensive plus I love making new friends and learning more about the community via a local contact.  Electric hookup not required but preferred.  Quite and serene is a bonus.

Personal Coaching:So difficult to get clear since its my own project.

Website developement

Video Editing

Social Media Management

Logo Creation

Below are the ideas and anticipated needs for the logo for the Intuition Tour as well as other areas of necessity to take this concept on the road.

Any donation of time, skill, consultation is welcome.

Team & Supplies: we need videographers, video editors, web design &  support,  social media engineers,media liaison,musicians, drivers with repair skills, healthy cooks, tranquil places to park on our journey, rv sponsorship, gas, expenses sponsorship, on the road cranial sacral specialist, and so much more. Chances are if you feel called or have an urging to connect with this project you are meant to. So drop us a line.


I am looking for assistance in creating a logo for my business. The connotation that needs to be portrayed is celebration, awe, joy, reverence. dream realized, bliss.  The northern lights or the full light spectrum is incorporated.

It will not imply any discrimination and is meant to feel inclusive to the greatest amount of beings on this planet.  I envision it as a man and  woman. But it may be  one or two people and may incorporate a dog, and or a neon green dragon fly.

An additional idea is a hummingbird in flight and out of its long pointed beak spills the previous description.

I am looking for the effect of the top picture but the person should be standing with arms outstretched like the bottom picture. I am not interested in the reflection or mirroring of the person as it pictured on the bottom graphic. Just the Person with arms outstretched.

I will need a file with a name, The Intuition Tour incorporated and a file with no lettering.

I do not own either picture and don’t want any copyright challenges that would be possible in altering that picture.

It will be used on web, print video and social media so I will need appropriate files for each.

Please call with any questions, comments or insights.

Please submit rough drafts, pricing and description of services via email.

Thanks in advance.

Barb Bemus


One Comment

  1. What comes to mind is a flying bus to depict a guided bus, flying on a rainbow, to show following a colorful light. I like little fairies with wings. Since you do have a dog on the tour, I think your idea about a dog is appropriate. I’m sure he is very special to you. I think it is neat having a dog on the tour.
    Here is another idea: A cartoon or whatever of you and the dog, and you both have fairy wings, and you are flying together towards a winding road leading to the unknown.
    I just got a vision of Dorothy and Toto, and the little munchkins in support, as if you and your dog have protection and support from a lot of little munchkins or something…waving good by as you go. Just a concept…that you have all this lovely support.

    I am happy to donate my coaching services by phone, when I can.
    I may be able to help with video editing, if someone has the equipment, and can help resolve any technical issues.

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