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The Intuition Tour

Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Things!


Reveal your brilliance!

The Intuition Tour showcases Awesome Authentics.

Encouraging and assisting people on the journey to  live an inspiring  life.

Interviewing and compiling video recordings of everyday people who are doing extraordinary things.

What happens when you do exactly what you feel like you ought to do instead of what your supposed to do. Barb describes how she started The Intuition Tour concept, how she sees it encouraging people to change and describes the insanity of following her bliss.

Living authentically leads to transformational change the world needs today and always. Creating a positive reality show series or documentary,  The I Tour, will provide support, information and success stories to encourage people to reach their vital essence. The companion web site will provide guidance, support, and resources for the steps to thriving, be it from a soul feeding source of abundance or joy filled free time.

  • Combine MTV’s The Buried Life, A real life Dora The Explorer, On the Road with Charles Kuralt , Travels with Charley and In search of America by John Steinbeck to create a new Era of exploration, learning and adventure in entertainment.
  • Enrich and expand the tried and true model by substituting a late 40’s women and her bulldog as the adventurer with guest appearances from friends and viewers
  • Locomotion via Recreational Vehicle travel allows for investigating,  adventure and insights that are found and formed by interacting with everyday Americans.
  • Highlighting inspirational people and places that are off the beaten track and up to this point hidden from the camera
  • There is so much great stuff happening and the world needs to hear about it.

How it works: Barb Bemus, is currently producer, interviewer and video-photographer.

Touring  North America in an RV, Accompanied by my bulldog, Utah.

Friends and celebrity guests will join us along the way.

Following and trusting  our intuition to guide us to meet the people, see the places and do the things that will change our lives forever.

But it’s much more than about us! It’s for all the dreamers.

The adventures is by both my and the viewers intuition and experience.

We are connecting with dreamers that had the courage to step out and grab their dream. They are inspiring us and directing  us by sharing their success principles and the wisdom they have gained in their life’s journey. Guiding us on how to apply passion and persistence to find ways around obstacles.

Giving us direction on how to overcome inertia or resistance to change.

This circle of support will enable viewers to expand their dream perimeter.

Most importantly, it will convince everyone that we are more powerful than we ever thought we were.

It’s a family show that will ignite dreamers of all ages and from all walks of life and support the journeyers who are already on their way.  We all have dreams, what’s stopping us?  You can’t find a way out of something you know nothing about. The only way to get beyond our limitations is to be exposed to a different viewpoint.

Together the show and website will provide consistent inspiration for the soul and a community for the dream seekers. Spoon feeding success into the populations DNA.

It’s a Dora The Explorer of the real world or a modern day “On the Road” with Charles Kuralt. The anti-Springer show.

Building people up!

Cultivating and fertilizing a field of dreams for all.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, aided and cooked a community to healthier living. The Intuition Tour will revitalize and normalize the notion of living your dream.

The Intuition Tour show will be incorporating  segments of education, motivation and inspiration by recognized and respected leaders from around the world.

The website will be a great vehicle for ramping up the energy and supporting the viewers. A 24 hour source to tap into, learning by others’ successes and drives. There will be a community to provide support, video clips, classes and information sections on the website.

Watch for Contests, to find dreamers in need of assistance.

The Extreme Dream Makeover!

Corporate and private sponsors will contribute knowledge, coaching, cash and networking to assist the viewer in reaching their dream. Always helping cultivate a new dream to keep the energy flowing.

The RV will enable us to penetrate North America and unearth great stories of inspiration and success.

This show will be a catalyst that will alter how the viewers think of their lives. Empowering them to do whatever they choose to do and pass it on!

The Pay it Forward concept in motion.

It has to start somewhere with someone. I’m ready and so is North America. Barb from Ohio, Tom from Texas a a bulldog named Utah.

Two regular, every day people who welcomes the chance to create a change!

The trip started on 11/11/11!

Climb aboard on the Freedom Express for the opportunity to achieve  a life lived from your authentic self, full of joy, energy, adventure, love and fun!


  1. Here WE go–all of us opening up to your adventure which will intuitively affect our paths!

  2. Its excellent as your other content : D, thankyou for posting .

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