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Changing patterns! Changing Course! North! Really?

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Uh Oh! Hill Country Tx, Law

Interesting things this past month!  As I look back on my last post I realize I haven’t been able to release the unpolished gems that I had promised. I will work on that. I’m still not sure how to release the info before what feels like a completion to me, although that may not be important. Any suggestions are welcome.

I made some interesting connections in the Austin and San Antonio area, I then headed to my point of destination. The two year mark of holding a paying job passed on May 1st and it is looming large in my “mind”, so I headed to check out a consulting gig. I arrived to find that what had been promised for my comfortable stay in my RV was not a reality. The first week was scattered with me examining, observing and researching the job and area. It was not a comfortable fit either for my RV or me. I could solve many of the problems they were experiencing; my worker/rescuer was dressed and ready to dance! I couldn’t ignore the amount of distress I was physically feeling.

A foot long walking stick!

The atmosphere appeared to me to contain only frustrated and unhappy people. After 6 days of observing and connecting I made a giant leap for me! I decided that money or not, this wasn’t going to suit me. It was a carbon copy of a well ingrained past pattern and I was noticing it in 6 days! I was depleted and not looking forward to breaking the news that I had to leave but ecstatic I had noticed it before I took the dive. This may not seem like much, but changing life pattern habits are something to celebrate. I was aware enough to recognize what was best for me and act on it. In the past, others needs were my priority and myself, just a mere inconvenience. I delivered the news that I would be leaving and it came as no surprise and with understanding. I left making new friends and an invitation to return and great strides in my search for a new and more appropriate way of life.

I needed a new direction. After much frustration at the void I was in, I muscle tested. The results were surprising. I was to head north and not west as I had assumed. I did everything I could to try and alter this guidance. I went to grab my atlas to check for all the wonderful western spots I had learned about from fellow campers. My atlas was nowhere to be found.  I recognized the ridiculous meter reading! My easy literal mind destinations had been taken from me. I grabbed the only useful map that I had of Texas, spread it out on the table and felt for some guidance. Immediately Hope, Arkansas stood out for me. I had done a meditation that morning and the word that was illuminated to me was Hope. I at least had something to point towards, but realized it was only that. Arkansas was a long way.

I drove till it felt like I should stop. I pulled out the state park map and knew exactly where I should be. I set my GPS and soon tucked into a waterfront site in a State Park North East of Dallas. Time to get my bearings back and nature is my best source for finding my true north.

I wasn’t aware that the proverbial carpet was about to pulled out from underneath me.

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  1. As far as your unpublished gems issue…always trust your feelings, remember? Does it feel good to go ahead and put them out? Just because you announced that you were going to do it — well, so what? Do it when it feels right, not because you feel obligated. love e.

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