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Unpolished Gems, YeeHaw!


     I return to Texas and this great State’s soil with a big sigh of familiar energy. I lived here for 5 years, many years ago and I am very aware that I chose to steer away from my spiritual path at that time. These choice points are scattered all throughout our lives. Whether it was turning my back on my spiritual path or choosing to stay on this planet in numerous near death experiences, they were all choice points. I am thankful that this time in my life I examine these points with awe and respect before deciding what I will select or ignore.

My back tracking my life’s journey on this trip is not eluding me. Today I got to experience backtracking on my walk this morning. I intended to Feathers on the stump stroll to the office and pay last night’s fee then see a few of the trails on the way back, grab some breakfast and head out for another walk. My plans resulted in a 2 hour wander. I wouldn’t say I was lost but I couldn’t find how to get to where I wanted to go. I had mused, recently that I hadn’t found any feathers! Today on my walk I gathered up a half dozen and all in one area, I felt that familiar and appreciated glow of support from the natural realm.

What is it that communicates information to you? My ethereal kudos have been a very valuable tool, especially when the literal world was mocking what my heart knew was the way to go.

The wanders of this morning started looking ridiculous to me and I asked “what am I to know about this”. What I sensed was that I am to offer you more posts and not be so concerned about the polish. This guidance comes just hours before I relocate to a place that provides limited internet access, making a longer post difficult. Hmmm! Smile!

     So here is your first unpolished gem. Maybe you will enjoy it just as it is? Maybe the lack of polish will engage you in a different way, encouraging you to explore the imperfections and crevices of this piece and your unpolished gems! Maybe it will allow you to join me in the release of perfection and the judgment we are programed to bestow on ourselves.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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