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Courage, Catfish and Canadians!


I awoke this morning aware that I was in my head in an Olympian kind of way. I considered if I wanted to be there and decided no. I then opened up my tool box, figuratively. The workshop that I attended yesterday reminded me to consider some positive feeling when we are out of our heart. So I began my morning routine of gratitude for all the love and support I have in my life, all I am gifted and honored to do, my brown eyed love, Utah and on and on. I do this often but this was the 1st time I had done it and known why. The workshop that I went to see yesterday was Howard Martin of Heart Math. I found it, in what’s become a habit. I Google the town’s name I am interested in exploring and add healing to the end of it. I found a film financing class last week this way and now this workshop.

The film finance event was another step in making this dream a reality.  I don’t ever recall a connection with the movie or film business and that is one of the reasons that this goal of creating a TV series or documentary seems so farfetched. When I saw this opportunity, right on my way and at the exact time that would be convenient and just 5 minutes from a state park on the outskirts of New Orleans, I couldn’t ignore it.  I remembered clearly that I didn’t want to go to New Orleans and I also recognized the squiggle in the pit of my stomach that signals this is going to be a stretch for you, but it’s what you are supposed to do. Remember, I found this class, by Googling a small town about 45 miles away and the word healing, the search results made no logical sense. Further investigation, after a positive check in, found out that the bridge that connected me conveniently to this event was very narrow and not conducive to RV’s.  Another complication and it was still a go. I sent an email to the organizer asking for a ride to the event. She was unable to help but offered me a tidbit that I had not been aware of. The tag line I use, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail”, which I researched without result when I started using it, is attributed to Dr. Robert Schuler. He was one of my Mother’s favorites and I’m not sure how I remember that but I do. I smile at my newfound awareness of her influence on my life. A reminder that the info I got a few weeks ago from a co-incidence guy, could be very accurate. What if our purpose is really an inheritance?  Think on that!

I am so thankful for my muscle testing; it takes the drama out of these “decisions”. I made it to the class in good shape although my tail pipe was not so lucky, as it came home a bit shorter and shinier from kissing the cement wall of the bridge, they were right it was narrow. Gathering my courage to get me to this class provided me with a good pat on the back, a very good contact for financing and some education on the business. I recognize that new things starting to sprout.

The next day, after the film class, I was floundering and had no idea which way to go. Time for a walk. I connected with two women fishing on the bayou at the park. I was able to offer some fishing suggestions but they needed more. In minutes a wonderful man named Bruce pulled up and offered his expertise on catfish catching. He did this with much service in his heart and then pointed out that he was an angel as he drove away to his fishing spot. His expertise paid off for Sadie and Jackie, a big healthy catfish caught 15 minutes later. We chatted away and shared an adult beverage as they revealed that Sadie was a props person on film and Jackie was a scripts supervisor in Montreal. I shared the information on the organization that encourages Woman in the film business and smiled and realized that the film energy for this project is now starting to build. I also got a suggestion on a story from a video company, the next day.  This is how it unfolds.

The great horned owl called from the opposite bank of the bayou and fisherman darted back home in shallow, fast boats as I watched the ladies debate, how they were going to ready this fish for tonight’s dinner. The familiar white SUV that transported Bruce, the fishing angel, reappeared and offered to go home and get his knife and filet it for them. They beamed at the wondrousness of all that had been happening and I felt so much gratitude that this was what was becoming normal for me. All that is needed is provided without effort it just unfolds.

I’m reminiscing about this as I find my way gently to Houston and even get to grace the doors of a wholefoods store for some desired items. Then off to Unity of Houston and find a great shaded, level parking space for Utah and the Sprites comfort. Utah would have some help guarding the RV from a Mama dove that had her nest just inches from the RV roof in the same tree that would provide the shade. I asked a woman for directions and it ended up that I couldn’t have parked any closer and gotten shade. The perfect spot, I think as I cast an appreciative grin to my parking angels.

I arrived at the event knowing I needed to get settled. Two hours on the road to get here with the anticipation of navigating the RV through Houston traffic had me in a much more “mind” state then I desired for this class.  I chose my front row seat, yes I am a front row seat person, and started utilizing some more of my tools. I was joined on either side first by Sandy, whose physical appearance and energy is very reminiscent of a good friend at home. Ahhh, then on my left swoops in an engaging Sandra.  I am amused at being bookended by Sandy’s.  What do I do with oddities like that, I look them up. The word Sandy is the helper of mankind. Big smile!

The workshop begins and Howard starts his talk and he is fast, engaging and adds some humor a perfect match for a mind that wanders like mine. This is not surprising as he is a polished speaker and has graced the TV and movie screen.  I am aware of most everything he is saying and then finally realize that I read the book over a year ago and it was another of those that were pivotal in me taking this journey. The science of intuition, presented in this book, helped, as he suggests, let my mind believe what my heart knew.  I was also grateful for the reminders, as the last few days have not provided much in the theatrical pats on the backs that I am getting accustomed to from my guidance.  I wiggled at the break time as I wasn’t called to connect with anyone. My old patterns to network gosh darn it, network, waving like a flag in a hurricane. I stay in my heart and enjoy the much needed down time from the lecture. The lecture continues and I am very intrigued with some of the things that are happening with Heart Math. One is the Global Coherence Initiative. This is a free membership and you can connect via the web with like-minded people, participate in regularly scheduled focus sessions, and participate in scientific research studies. This is great stuff and I am excited at the potential. If you also feel inclined to this you can find out more by going to

The workshop winds down and my new friend, Sandy on the left offers me a big hug and many well wishes for my journey. My Sandy on the right is telling me that she is a one on one Heart Math coach but isn’t using it for a business. The line to have a book signed isn’t that long so I feel called to share my story (a beautiful butterfly lands on my RV door as I write this). I stand in line for about 10 minutes, aware that my literal mind wants to plan all that I have to say and letting that go. I stay focused on the NOW and allow whatever it meant to flow, to follow. I am next in line and I share a quick thank you to Martin and an abbreviated description of what his book, assisted me in, The Intuition Tour. I hand him my card and I ask for whatever assistance he feels called to offer, even if it is only a pray. He assures me that he will say a prayer for me and that is that.

I write this with the realization that here is another person that has film connections. I also added a Fox news contact from Alabama to my mailing list yesterday, she is interested in my journey…. my garden of possibilities looking very green and healthy. The required watering,  to keep it this way, available in the form of new information that I am headed to meet a person who has connections with another large icon on the new age path, very interesting.

Looking forward to your stories of progress on the journey to “What you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”



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