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Recreating Work So Your Heart Sings

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Recreate your job so it makes your heart sing!  New ways to look at stale, disheartening jobs. Corporate Pricing Strategist, Adrienne Gordon shares her outgrowth of job, to life’s work. Transforming a job into a source of money that she loves by constructing a business structure that requires  Corporations to give back!
Preview the interview here!

The full version can be watched by clicking here!

One Comment

  1. Below is a post from Adrienne that she graciously allowed me to share.
    Add this to the video and you will see a true Evolutionary Leader!
    Keep doing what you do wise one!
    Coming to the end of year 36. For so many reasons, this was a year of huge personal growth….so here’s what I learned at 36 (sorry I’m compelled for a moment to pontificate=))……..

    Happiness is something you create – in the present. You do not need to work towards achieving it, you don’t have to earn it. You just have to be ….. happy.

    We are all put on this earth to accomplish specific things. It is up to you to listen to a bigger voice to understand what your things are. Everyone else is counting on it.

    If anyone tells you that you are incapable of doing something, they are likely projecting themself onto you. Feel compassion for their ignorance instead of anger towards their judgement.

    When you open yourself up to faith and trust, angels swoop in and the stars align. The more faith, the more angels…..

    We are supposed to have fun. We are designed to take a break from effort time to time. We need to connect with one another frequently and happily. The more you believe it, the more it will happen. Work becomes easier, health and wealth come faster, and stress becomes a far distant memory.

    Grace can be found in the most unexpected places. Reach out to those older and wiser than yourself. Emulate their wisdom.

    Talent and success comes in what makes you joyful. (Especially when you are a 7 year old little girl.)

    Relationships really can be more fun after 20 years. It is up to you to trust that yours is really that great – and it will be.

    Autism is highly misunderstood. Within it lies the beauty of truthfulness, the strength of fairness and equity among all, and the innocence of trust. In many ways, this is evolution of man. I aspire to take on all of these “autistic” traits.

    To my new friends that I found this year and led me on this part of the journey, I thank you. To my old friends that I have reconnected with, there is a reason that our connections have survived the test of time.

    Luv u all and thank you for being part of my life….

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