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What does 222 mean?

Your paying attention.

Your paying attention. Keep it up!

Ethereal Encouragement

Today was the day to make it official. I jumped in the car to go to the post office to purchase a post office box for  “The Intuition Tour”.  My eyes were drawn to the clock and it was 2:22. Life can be all about taking notice of the signs. The synchronicity of the time wasn’t going to escape me. When I returned home, the first thing I did was to research the meaning of the sequence of 222. Doreen Virtue describes the numerical message from the Angels as “our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.” This eased the cost of the post office box and added a spring to my step. My Ethereal board of directors giving me a great round of applause by supplying this co-incidence of the 222!

When you are blazing the path to your Authentic self it sometimes feels like you’re alone. My faith assures me this isn’t so but when you’re looking around and it’s only you, your literal mind can become questionable.  I have learned to ask for signs to encourage me. I find much solace and substantiation in little things. I find success in receiving ethereal encouragement by being specific. I ask for a sign that a certain idea is the best way to go. I am answered by feathers on my walk, rainbows as I return from a workshop, awesome totems like an albino deer to signal me that yes I have found my new home. Don’t be shy about what you ask for help with.

I no longer allow myself to get over rushed if I am running late. I remember there are no mistakes and ask for a gap in time to arrive at exactly the correct moment. I am always amazed as I arrive early when it wasn’t physically possible.  Many times I do arrive late but the appointment that I was trying to be timely for is not ready and the person never even realizes I wasn’t on time.  Sometimes I am urged to pick up the phone and let the person know I am running late and find that it relieves stress on that person, that they needed some extra time.

Muscle testing is an easy way to clarify questions. Stop putting that paranoia or assumption through an Olympic mind workout. Ask for clarification by muscle testing it or using the pendulum to get your answer.  It’s easy to teach yourself.

  • Stand up and take a few deep breaths to get calm and centered.
  • First step is to find what your personal response to yes and  no is. Do this by telling yourself that your name is another name other than your own. See what happens to your body. Do you drift forward? Do you sway backward? The general response to a no,  is that the body leans backward a bit. Then just say your name and see your response. Your body may lean forward. Once you have your responses cataloged you’re ready to begin.
  • Ask that nagging question in a yes or no format and observe your body’s answer.

I started utilizing this method as a short cut to finding foods that were acceptable. I was eliminating food groups that I expressed sensitivity to in an attempt to decrease these sensitivities. I was grumpy enough without all the extra work of reading labels. This technique took my mind out of it. I would hold the product in both hands and hold it up against my chest. I would then ask if this food served my highest and best. If I swayed forward the food went in the cart, if I swayed backward it went back on the shelf. I now utilize this method with supplements and many other decisions. My acupuncturist uses muscle testing to signal what is out of balance and it amazes me how much he can accomplish in very little time.

Have some fun and challenge your habits at the same time. When you jump in the car and you have a destination in mind, ask your guidance or imagination whatever you like to call it, to give you instructions. Take a breath and “listen” to what your urging is telling you to do. Follow these directions from your authentic self. You will be amazed how the world gets more exciting and brighter. You are more engaged and plugged into an aspect of your day that may have otherwise become usual. The universe will spice things up for you because you’re are taking notice. I admit it. I want more magic and sparkle in my life. This awareness, appreciation and absence of taking things for granted stokes up my life and brings back the fire! Join me!



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